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Wellness shots

$3.50 - $35.00

6 two ounce shots come in a 12 ounce juice jar.
Pour two ounces daily for the best benefits.


Ginger/Lemon Shot:
*Relieves headaches
*Stimulates digestive system
*Relieves arthritis pain
*Boost Immune system
*Moisturises skin
*Improves blood circulation
*Treats sore throat cold and cough
*Treats kidney infections
*Decreases menstrual pain.

Beet Shots:
* Detoxifies
*Improved blood pressure
*Rich in antioxidants
*Helps fight constipation
*Boost sex drive
*Improved brain function

WheatGrass Shots:
* Clear breakouts, dark spots, & acne scars
*Removes over-acidity from coffee and alcohol
*Weight Loss
*Beats the bloat and promotes regularity
*Curbs sugar cravings
*Improves immunity
*Stimulates Circulation
*Reduces Fatigue
*Aids in Arthritis

* Purifies the blood
*boosts heart health
*prevents headaches
*clears skin
*helps lose weight
*improves blood circulation
*boost immune system
*improves liver health
*improves digestion

*Hair growth
*Skin clarity
*reduces the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite
*Nail growth

Aloe/ chia seeds:
*Rich in nutrients
* Loaded with antioxidants
*Improves digestion
*boost metabolism
*Lose weight/ Build muscle
* Alleviates nausea
*Soothes Acid reflux
*Helps in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides
*Boost immune system.
*Soothes the stomach
*Relieves bloating

Fat burning/ Hunger Control Cinnamon Almond shot: (single shot $5 or 6 for $35)
* Helps burn stubborn fat
* Aids in hunger control

Sold Individually as well